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Art therapy…once again, yes: it works is a beautiful and inspiring exemple of how Art can help all of us and caregivers plus.

Son muchos los programas dirigidos a cuidadores/mayores en los que se les ofrecen actividades artísticas: colorear mandalas, etc.

Pero como en todo, la esencia, el cómo, es lo importante.

En las actividades de las que he sido testigo, se les ofrece, digamos, un lienzo ya dibujado…cuando lo que es necesario es ofrecer un lienzo en blanco.

Una posibilidad.

De expresión.

De elaboración de sus conflictos, daños…sueños!

Demos la posibilidad de “ser más uno mismo”, no de “estar entretenido”.

Dejemos al arte y a las personas ser felices. Juntos.

“November 2008, my husband was diagnosed with Lymphoma and I became his carer during the twelve month period of his chemotherapy and recovery process. On the 5th November 2009, just twelve months on, our 25-year-old son was killed in a single vehicle car crash. I poured all my effects into painting and digital photo art making (found in Portfolio tabs) as a way of being able to stay sane! When I look back over my paintings and re-read the accompanying stories, I realise now, that I was using painting to work through a torrid of emotions. Art therapy and my painting story telling saved me… As you go through each of my paintings you will see an accompanying story which helps illuminate each painting’s source of inspiration. This process of painting and writing the corresponding story became a very powerful tool to express emotions and feelings that were too hard to say out loud.”



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