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Age-friendly cities

Welcoming the signature of the Pact of Amsterdam on 30th May 2016, which will lead the way to the EU Urban Agenda, AGE Platform Europe has published a guide guideaimed at helping European cities to use the Urban Agenda to become more age-friendly. By giving key insights on challenges faced by older urban dwellers, the guide invites European Cities to take the opportunity offered by that important new EU initiative to design their environments in a way that respect residents’ rights as they grow older.

Demographic change impacts a large spectrum of fields, including the provision of adequate and adapted housing, accessible mobility, social inclusion and poverty. The guide recalls the challenges older persons face with regard to 8 out of the 12 themes addressed by the Urban Agenda for the EU: Inclusion of migrants and refugees; Jobs and skills in the local economy; Urban poverty; Housing; Air quality; Urban mobility; Digital transition; and Innovative and responsible public procurement.

“In a context of ageing population, rapid urbanization and scarcer resources, the Urban Agenda for the EU and the Pact of Amsterdam are very timely. A very large number of EU initiatives, fora and projects are impacting citizens’ quality of life and it is of utmost importance to bring more coherence between these activities to realise their full potential, meet EU2020 objectives and eventually improve citizens’ quality of life in European cities”, underlined Anne-Sophie Parent, AGE Secretary General, in our press release


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