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How your face will age because smoking, obesity and so on

AprilAge is the creator of APRIL® Face Aging Software which shows how your face will age over time. Adds effects of obesity, smoking, and excess sun for comparative aging results based on real-world data from real people.

Accessed online AgeMe is user friendly and convenient for home, school or work groups in different locations. It allows anyone to experience this advanced technology which is used globally for health and wellness education, in science centers, and for law enforcement.

Why use AgeMe? Unlike simple morphing technology, this is visualization software based on a customized database of thousands of real people’s faces which shows how real people age. Add the effects of smoking, obesity and heavy sun exposure to see how risky lifestyle choices can affect your appearance as you age.

Use AgeMe at school or work as part of a healthy living program, or as part of a live event to draw crowds and create excit

Create a buzz with APRIL® Face Aging displays at trade shows, marketing events and retail environments as people watch themselves age before their own eyes. Add a highly engaging and interactive element to any public display or exhibit. A dynamic tool to enhance a brand’s marketing mix and promote specific products or services in consumer health and wellness, cosmetics and beauty, science centers, pharmaceuticals, or fitness and lifestyle venues.

Clients use APRIL® visualization software to develop powerful marketing solutions that personalizes the visitor experience. Add in brand messaging or a survey for user analytics or follow-up. APRIL® always draws a crowd and is a great way to create a word-of-mouth effect that spreads quickly in a public setting and on social media platforms


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